Monday, June 15, 2009

My Wal'Mart experience

I have been gone for so long that you probably wont be reading this, but, I am now working at WalMart. I get to work in the Photo Lab. It is really fun and really stressful all at once. I know I am suppose to be there. I am getting great ideas from other photos coming in. I have a lot of fun editing my own Photos. I get to play with the kiosks because that is part of my job. There are some things I dont like about it, but, for the most part it is great. I am opening my mouth about the Gosple and I feel the connection. It is interesting that everyone there was a mormon once except one and she is Iranian. She graduated from Alta and I just found out she went to seminary. Her instructor didnt know she wasnt a member until the last day. He is probably kicking himself over the lost opportunity. She said she loves learning about other religions. I know that seminary planted the seed. She has been asking me alot of questions. It is amazing how words come to my mouth. Our Stake conference was about opening our mouths. Who knew I would love working at walmart. I hardly make anything but, it is steady. I know I am at the right place at the right time.