Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yea!! A closing!!
Jaaromy and Angela have a new home and we will close on it tomarrow!!Yipee!! It is a really cute home in a very nice neighborhood. It looks like our home in West Jordan. Angie is allergic to cats so the carpet needs to be changed. They would have changed it anyway because it was the color of dirty sea water. It is 2700 sq ft and room for everyone. They live on a quiet street with a park at the end of the the street. We will be so happy to have them closer to home. Thank you Jaar and Angie for letting us help you.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baptisms and Blessings!!!
Nathaniel was Baptised yesterday 11am in Saturday, It was so wonderful. Angie and Jaar took the time to explain to him what was going to happen and when. Kelcey talked about baptism it was wonderful, he took the time to speak right to Nathaniel. Lyenna Angela and Rochelle sang it was beautiful. I think Nathaniel felt special we could feel the spirit. We ate lunch in the bowrey and really enjoyed the food as well as the company.. Family is everything...Lyenna and Kelcey blessed Kody on Sunday. It was a beautiful day with the family. It has been so hot but, Grandpa and Shawn set up tarps to make shade and long tables in the back yard. We had Hawain Hay Stacks they were so good. Jim and Em blessed their baby Tess also . I was so bummed not to be there. Jim said he would rather have us come for a few days instead of just for one day. We visited over the 24th weekend. We had a ball and love our Fam so much.