Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grannies and Thongs

I wanted to continue the story with our experience with this cleanse. I want you to know I am very obedient and I am following every thing they tell me to do!! I hav'nt cheated one speck and I feel very proud of myself. I came close a couple of times but, I had my shake and made it through. Last week Pen and I had to go do the body wrap. They told us we had to buy a thong. I said "no way" do they even carry thongs in our size. I have never seen thongs for grannies have you? Penni and I went to sears to make our purchase. I felt so embarrased but, we were on a mission to do what we were told. We looked at the table and spread out were different colors and sizes. I said to Penni what do you think a 7 looks like the biggest size. I dont want to try it on do you? "NO"! so we both picked one up and went to the counter. We were always looking over our shoulder making sure no one was around that we knew. The clerk was all by herself so we hurried over. Penni got hers first and people were starting to gather around. We tried to block everyones view as the clerk took her time yikes!! We went to our appointment and brought our nasty thong. They took our body fat and she said Penni was good and I knew I wasnt. I was right. my body fat on my hips and leg is 45% holy molely this was very bad new but, on the other hand now I know why the thong looks so rediculus!! The body wrap is quit the experience you can wear your thong(which I think looked worse than naked) and a bra. The office got a kick out of Penni and I and decided to knock on the door while doing the body wrap and said we want to see your purchase. I said "NO WAY" they laughed and went away. They asked if my husband liked the thong. I said I am never showing anyone! ever!! They showed us what excersizes would work best for our bodies. I want you to know I have never felt so empowered. I have never felt so happy. I know I look different. I am doing Yoga everyday and running love the wii sports and fitness it works for me. This week we get a massage and I'm looking forward to that!! I wonder if we have to wear the thong again.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to say I'm alive!!! Really I just wanted to say Pen and I have found something that has brought our live back!!! I have lost somewhere between 5 and 10 lbs in 12 days. I say somewhere because my scale gives me something different everytime I stand on it. It could be because I say I want it to lie to me to make me feel better everytime I stand on it. I have lost alot of inches instead of size 16 to 18 I am Wearing a size 12 YEA!!!! I am glad I kept some of my old cloths. I didnt think I could ever go there again. I felt pretty helpless and tired. We are doing a liver cleanse and I didnt know how bad off I really was. I woke up sunday morning feeling so happy. I told Bill how I felt. Bill is also doing this. I was on pills to help my depression and I am off them and feeling better than when I was on them!!! I feel like I can do anything!! This is only day 12 we are suppose to do this for 3 weeks. I dont want to stop. If you dont let yourself get to hungry you can really do it. We eat lots of veggies drink lots of water. We can have fruit too it just has to be on the list and you eat more veggies than friut. We also have a protein drink that is so good. I am so excited that I have only two chins instead of 3!! It really motivates me to keep it up besides the way I feel. The very first day on this I cleaned out the garage!! I have been waiting for Bill to do it for more than a year. The second day I washed my windows I have'nt washed them for 9 years. Imagine that!! I am happy more even tempered. I dont want to eat everyone for lunch that gets in my way. (After you... no After YOU!!) My memory is better. I have a smile on my face and a twinkle back in my eyes!! Who knew!! Love Ya Pat

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yea!! A closing!!
Jaaromy and Angela have a new home and we will close on it tomarrow!!Yipee!! It is a really cute home in a very nice neighborhood. It looks like our home in West Jordan. Angie is allergic to cats so the carpet needs to be changed. They would have changed it anyway because it was the color of dirty sea water. It is 2700 sq ft and room for everyone. They live on a quiet street with a park at the end of the the street. We will be so happy to have them closer to home. Thank you Jaar and Angie for letting us help you.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baptisms and Blessings!!!
Nathaniel was Baptised yesterday 11am in Saturday, It was so wonderful. Angie and Jaar took the time to explain to him what was going to happen and when. Kelcey talked about baptism it was wonderful, he took the time to speak right to Nathaniel. Lyenna Angela and Rochelle sang it was beautiful. I think Nathaniel felt special we could feel the spirit. We ate lunch in the bowrey and really enjoyed the food as well as the company.. Family is everything...Lyenna and Kelcey blessed Kody on Sunday. It was a beautiful day with the family. It has been so hot but, Grandpa and Shawn set up tarps to make shade and long tables in the back yard. We had Hawain Hay Stacks they were so good. Jim and Em blessed their baby Tess also . I was so bummed not to be there. Jim said he would rather have us come for a few days instead of just for one day. We visited over the 24th weekend. We had a ball and love our Fam so much.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gazebo fun

We had a Bridal shower for someone in Penni's ward. This will be the second official party at Pen's house! The fun part was dressing up the Gazebo and raking all around and pulling the rest of the weeds. The party started we even got balloons lime green and black (her colors) and tied them to the gate and the tables and Gazebo. Penni wanted them to go round the back and not through the house. The bride and her mother came in the house with Shaela so that didnt work. We put the food out watermellon, cantelope, cookies, brownies, veggie tray, rolls with chicken salad, strawberry's, and strawberry lemonaid. oh and chips. there is no party with out chips! We expected ooooh's and awhs over her yard and gazebo but I didnt hear any. They all sat on the patio and I with my Grand kids sat in the gazebo. So no one made a move to the gazebo so I finally made a move out to join the others. It was a great shower made with our best efforts. Even the fresh flowers were so spectacular most cut from Pen's yard. The dissapointing part is not a lot of ward members came. We all had a great time and there is so much food left over. Anyone wanting a chicken sandwich or cookies or anything else the Gazebo is empty! Pen and I had a great time dressing up the Gazebo and I cant think of anywhere I would rather be! The satisfaction of fulfilling a dream is the best and we can hug that to us. Next time I will stand in front of the GAZEBO and say isnt this Lovely and if they dont answer I will club them on the head and say SPEEK UP I Cant HEAR YOU!!! Bill said did you tell them I built it? I laughed and said no did you want me to carve your name over the door way? Bill said yes thats a great Idea. He was just joking I think!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun in Vegas

Hey, Bill and I went to Jim and Em's for the weekend. The time went really fast!! Jim is working long hours doing Real Estate and he is getting a team together making reservations for corperation retreats and stuff for hotels stays. I'm not exactly sure on the details but, he is working hard. Em is tudering math and setting her own schdule. They have their hands full with three children 4 and under. We were talking about sending Ellie to Grandmas all by herself. Jim said we can put you in an Airplane and then you can jump out over Grandmas house!! Do you know that Grandpa used to do that. Ellie took that in and look at all our faces and said " I think I would like to do something a little less dangerous!! What a hoot. The kids are so smrt!! We have Nathaniel's baptism this weekend and Jim and Em are blessing the baby too. Jim said as much as I would like you to come for that I would rather have you come for more time.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grandma sleep over
Kelly and Megan have been in town. The cousins love to be together. Lyenna hasnt felt to well after the baby sooo. I said why not keep all the kids over night. They thought it was so fun. I was getting a little cross eyed about 10:30 saturday night when they couldnt deside where they wanted to sleep. Where ever Tayler was they wanted to be Where ever Conner Was they wanted to be sooo Just like sleeping beauty they tried the spare room across from us. They tried the living room, then they tried the basement. The final choice and the one that was just right was the family room. Carson wanted to sleep with Tayler curled up in a ball at the end of the couch. Tayler couldnt go to sleep and Tanner was scared so Tanner moved upstairs with Trey and Tayler moved to the small couch and laid with her head laying off the end and her feet over the back. The little ones did great sleeping but, the older ones didnt fare as well. Tanner woke up in the morning and said Trey, Trey are you awake. Then he went down stairs and said Tayler , Tayler are you awake. Tayler said she tried to pretend she was asleep, but gave up. I could hear them and grabbed my camera and caught them all together in the living room on the love seat together. They wanted us to wake up without really waking us up. They made me laugh! The bath in the jetted tub Saturday night was a riot!! They thought that was soooo cool. It takes alot of water to fill up and my mistake I let the boys go first. The water was the color of chocolate milk. when the girls got in.. I thought we could at least get the first layer of dirt off. Carson and Connor know how to swim so Carson was going head first off the side slidding into the merky water. He was happy as punch I got a picture of it but, Carson was to fast and I got Conner standing with his wing wang all together. I had to erase it so I wouldnt be arrested when I develope the film. Breakfast was fun I made Waffels and Orange juice and they ate pretty good. My table and floor were a little sticky as well as their hands and the back of the chairs but, it was goood. Church isnt until 1pm so I thought it would be fun to dress up in grandma and grandpa's church cloths. The kids thought it was funny. I had to use Bill Shorts and tucked in a white shirt and tied the belt in a knot. We had to fold the shorts in half and they still went to their shoes. the girls liked my sparkley shirts so we had a blast giggling together. Kelly and Megan walked in and we said suprise we are all ready for Church. I have Pic's I will post them later. Kyson took his off, or they fell off, he handed it to me and said they are to big. We missed the rest of the kids Ellie, Mylee, Nathaniel, Johnathan, and Brigham. Im not sure where we would have put everyone but, we would have made room. Penni is the one that started the Grandma day. I thought it would be a great tradition. I'm sharing my grandkids with Pen because most of hers are so far away.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm back I think

Hey, fellow bloggers Aimee hooked me up so I can work my blog! Thanks Aimee I love what you did.
We are at Penni's putting up the Gazebo!! It is really beautiful. It is in the shade so we wont melt.
Penni and I have been working really hard cleaning and pulling weeds for Mom and Diane Vincent. I am so thankful , to have the work. Pen and I are crazy but, love to do the hard work.
Kelly is coming in today and will be on vacation for a week. We want to finish so we can spend time with them. Kelly Loves what he is doing he is on the SWAT team. He gets to give announcements in Spanish and English. Jaar and Angie bought a house really close to me and it is beautiful. Jaar just got a new job that pays a whole lot more. I am so happy for them. Emily and Lyenna just had their babies and they are so adorable. Lyenna had hers while Bill and I were in Mazatlan. I so wanted to be there for Lyenna but, I am thankful everything went well. Bill and I had fun with Margo and Bill's dad on the cruise to Mexico. Bill Sr. is very dependant on someone taking him where he needed to be. He couldnt even go to breakfast on his own. When we slep in until 8am and knocked on the door. He said already jeez isnt it almost lunch time? I just kept my mouth shut. We would walk down the corridor ahead of him because he was always breaking wind.. I pretended I didnt know who he was. He cant hear so he thinks no one can hear the ripppppp in his pants. Mexico was very hot and humid. We went on a jeep ride in a open Jeep. There were 7 jeep and we had the only open one Margo and I sat in the back. It started to rain a little bit and the Guide stopped and asked us if we wanted the top up. WE said no it felt really good. Then the rain really came down it was coming down so hard it went into our mouths and eyes. Margo and I tried to pull the top up from behind us it was no use. We just started to laugh and laugh we looked like a couple of drowned rats. It was so humid we never dried out. The people behind us took video. I think we had the most fun because of it. Then we took a tour of a tequilla factory. I was sooo tempted to try a taste. but we didnt.... Well Bill needs my help so talk to ya later Pat

Friday, July 11, 2008

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