Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grannies and Thongs

I wanted to continue the story with our experience with this cleanse. I want you to know I am very obedient and I am following every thing they tell me to do!! I hav'nt cheated one speck and I feel very proud of myself. I came close a couple of times but, I had my shake and made it through. Last week Pen and I had to go do the body wrap. They told us we had to buy a thong. I said "no way" do they even carry thongs in our size. I have never seen thongs for grannies have you? Penni and I went to sears to make our purchase. I felt so embarrased but, we were on a mission to do what we were told. We looked at the table and spread out were different colors and sizes. I said to Penni what do you think a 7 looks like the biggest size. I dont want to try it on do you? "NO"! so we both picked one up and went to the counter. We were always looking over our shoulder making sure no one was around that we knew. The clerk was all by herself so we hurried over. Penni got hers first and people were starting to gather around. We tried to block everyones view as the clerk took her time yikes!! We went to our appointment and brought our nasty thong. They took our body fat and she said Penni was good and I knew I wasnt. I was right. my body fat on my hips and leg is 45% holy molely this was very bad new but, on the other hand now I know why the thong looks so rediculus!! The body wrap is quit the experience you can wear your thong(which I think looked worse than naked) and a bra. The office got a kick out of Penni and I and decided to knock on the door while doing the body wrap and said we want to see your purchase. I said "NO WAY" they laughed and went away. They asked if my husband liked the thong. I said I am never showing anyone! ever!! They showed us what excersizes would work best for our bodies. I want you to know I have never felt so empowered. I have never felt so happy. I know I look different. I am doing Yoga everyday and running love the wii sports and fitness it works for me. This week we get a massage and I'm looking forward to that!! I wonder if we have to wear the thong again.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to say I'm alive!!! Really I just wanted to say Pen and I have found something that has brought our live back!!! I have lost somewhere between 5 and 10 lbs in 12 days. I say somewhere because my scale gives me something different everytime I stand on it. It could be because I say I want it to lie to me to make me feel better everytime I stand on it. I have lost alot of inches instead of size 16 to 18 I am Wearing a size 12 YEA!!!! I am glad I kept some of my old cloths. I didnt think I could ever go there again. I felt pretty helpless and tired. We are doing a liver cleanse and I didnt know how bad off I really was. I woke up sunday morning feeling so happy. I told Bill how I felt. Bill is also doing this. I was on pills to help my depression and I am off them and feeling better than when I was on them!!! I feel like I can do anything!! This is only day 12 we are suppose to do this for 3 weeks. I dont want to stop. If you dont let yourself get to hungry you can really do it. We eat lots of veggies drink lots of water. We can have fruit too it just has to be on the list and you eat more veggies than friut. We also have a protein drink that is so good. I am so excited that I have only two chins instead of 3!! It really motivates me to keep it up besides the way I feel. The very first day on this I cleaned out the garage!! I have been waiting for Bill to do it for more than a year. The second day I washed my windows I have'nt washed them for 9 years. Imagine that!! I am happy more even tempered. I dont want to eat everyone for lunch that gets in my way. (After you... no After YOU!!) My memory is better. I have a smile on my face and a twinkle back in my eyes!! Who knew!! Love Ya Pat