Monday, August 17, 2009


I have been working at Wal'mart now for 5 months!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I have been spending my paychecks on my flower prints. We decided to frame and matt them and put them on ebay. The problem is... it is costing so much for the matt and glass that I only have 4 done. 50 more to go. We are so excited about them.
I had to go to a dentist last week because I had a problem with one tooth. They had me lay back in the nice comfortable DENTIST CHAIR. When I looked up there was a video of different flowers. I said oh! I love your flowers. I said I have some great pictures of flower that I plan to sell on ebay. The dentist said, thats funny we were just talking about putting pictures on our walls in the office. I have an appointment to show my prints tomarrow before I go to work. I hope I sell alot of them!! I wonder if he will buy 25,000 worth??? I can dream can't I!! I am also selling this drink that puts, co2 in the bloodstream, lowers cholesterol, gives energy. It even tastes good. I am also going back to real estate. I think I nuts. No I know I am.


Lyenna said...

So did you figure out ebay then? I pray you sell so many you can't keep up.... Or maybe that you'll sell so many both you and dad can quit and do what you really love:)

Grandma Hand said...

What a talent you have. I do love my picture and am deciding where I want to hang it. Love ya a lot!!!

Diane said...

Post a picture of your pictures! You have always loved flowers!!! Good luck with the e-bay thing. I'm sure Devon would be happy to give you some pointers.

I can't wait to have my cholesterol blood pressure is significantly lower....yay!!!