Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MLM nuts

Am I Crazy??!!Am I a Suckor?!!
Alright I am willing to agree I am both. Sometimes you pray for answers and you get one but, you don't see it because it looks different than what you are looking for. I think MLM's are nuts too, I wasnt looking for one, but, I was looking for something to help my bones. I almost looked the other way because this is mlm. I wish I could have the money back I have put into so many Other things. I feel like the boy who cried wolf, there is always the hope that this time it will be different. We found one that is working taking Our blood pressure down. I am cleaning out big time. I feel the aches and pains from my Osteo Arthritis leave. I have energy!! I don't fall asleep on the drive home from work. I sleep and dream at night. Who knows what else I will notice later, but, the point is We would love to share it with the fam but, I have lost my credibility. I know, It is mlm. Bill has been put down by a respected neighbor, and Brother, that wasnt done with love. It is strange but, we still feel really good about what we are doing. If you are worried about your cholesterol, Ibs, stroke, heart attacks, Osteoporosis, Chrones, Diabetes, and so many more things. If you don't want to take statins. I could'nt take Boniva I thought after one year I would be better. What I thought I had was a heart attack it was the side effect of Boniva. I love you all and I think this would be a benefit to every living human. I know I get excited about different stuff,(but they were all good), I lost my way and did'nt work them. When you get slimed by others saying the dirty word mlm, it stinks, but I know what I have in my hands and I want to share. We have a family history of heart attack and stroke. We have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. We are at risk. I dont want you to pass on this because of all the other things we have done. This is something that will change the medical feild, this will change the pharmasuticals. Most of all it will save a million lives. I dont care if you do it but, please take it Love ya

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Anonymous said...

I guess the important thing is that we continue to strive to get better!!! Its almost like those that only have the bible and saying thats enough. we can always improve and its important to remember technology improves and its our responsibilty to use the resources we've been given. :)